Saturday, 8 August 2009


Macarons, macarons why won't you work?!
I attempted macarons for the first time today and they were a complete disaster.
First i over whisked the egg whites, all 7! of them. I should of tried the first time with a smaller amount of mixture but didn't realise it would make so many, how i didn't realise that i don't know.
Then the bowl was too small so i couldn't add the almond and sugar to the mix, and had to end up making them in a big metal jam maker bucket.
I didn't know that the tiniest mistake would make them turn out so drastically wrong, and so when i piped them with a piping bag with the wrong size nozzle which I had to sellotape on and i subsequently ended up with mixture all over my hands, I felt like giving up.
However, i did in the end place the 'macarons' in the oven and when they turned out so flaky and not at all like the ones from laduree or Pierre Herme i felt like crying.
I placed ganache in the middle though and stuck them together, and to see how badly they turned out just look at the picture and feel sorry for me. On the up side they tasted gorgeous so i might attempt them again, just next time i'll make sure i use the correct quantity of mixture that i actually need.

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