Monday, 10 August 2009

roman honey bread. disaster.

In a latin class at school once, we watched a video with a man dressed up as a roman cook, and all he ever seemed to add was pepper to the foods he was making. We all were so obsessed with the 'pepper video' and so our teacher gave us recipes with pepper in, and one of the recipes was a bread fried in honey, milk and pepper.
Anyway, when this morning i felt like making bread, i looked at a pack of spelt flour, and one of the recipes on the back of the pack was called Roman Bread, and my mind thought back to that memory.
I had forgotten how annoying it sometimes is to make bread, how it sticks to every surface imaginable, and when i put it in the tin to rise the bread didn't rise enough and came out like a rock, so it was definitely not an all time best recipe. Maybe i put too much water in, im not sure, but this has made me remember why i never make any bread. Fact.

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